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Lessons from the Dojo - Part 2

Traditional Okinawan Karate
Lessons from the Dojo - Part 2

By Christopher Miller 5th Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor of Traditional Okinawan Karate

Lessons from the Dojo Part 2

A Martial Arts Teacher has a great responsibility to its students. A traditional teacher is responsible to encourage, motivate and provide tools for students to be successful in and out of the Dojo. As student's problems arise (and they will), a teacher will call on the vast lessons of the past to try to help the student (or parent) overcome, diffuse and/or adapt to the new difficulty.

In the Dojos (Martial Arts Schools) that I have trained in, the teachers have passed down knowledge through small antidotes. I hope some of these help you as much as they have helped me.

1. "Aerodynamically a Bumble Bee should not be able to fly, but nobody told it." - Mary Kay Ash    This is possibly the greatest lesson I have learned as a student of the Martial Arts. Belief in your self is more important then even your current skill level. Why? Because your current skill level can improve. Others can have a positive or negative effect on how you view yourself and your abilities. Be careful who you let influence you.

2. "Dreams are goals with dates on them" - Mr. Musco   This quote goes along with, "Even the best archer needs a target" Have a life objective or at least a general direction in which you wish to go. I did. I started as a white belt with no particular talent in 1987. By the time I was a green belt (2 years later), I was hooked on Martial Arts and my teacher inspired me to want to understand not only Martial Arts but also the philosophy behind the art. Fast forward 30 years, with an increadible amount of guidance and support, I have my own Dojo and a few students. This was my dream and my target. Now I have new ones.

3. "Do not wait to strike till iron is hot , but make the it hot by striking" - William Butler Yeats   There is a difference between waiting for an opportunity and creating one. I prefer to create opportunities. 90% of life is showing up, As I mentioned in the previous article, GET TO WORK!

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