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Lessons from the Dojo - Part 1

Traditional Okinawan Karate
Lessons from the Dojo - Part 1

By Christopher Miller 5th Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor of Traditional Okinawan Karate

Lessons from the Dojo Part 1

A Martial Arts Teacher has a great responsibility to their students. A traditional teacher is responsible to encourage, motivate and provide tools for students to be successful in and out of the Dojo. As student's problems arise (and they will), a teacher will call on the vast lessons of the past to try to help the student (or parent) overcome, diffuse and/or adapt to the new difficulty.

In the Dojos (Martial Arts Schools) that I have trained in, the teachers have passed down knowledge through small anecdotes. I hope some of these help you as much as they have helped me.

1. "Others are Others, I am I." Do not focus on other people's success or decisions. Focus on your own. In life you are only competing with yourself.

2. "If the wind fails, Go to the oars" Success is built on momentum. It is great when momentum is on your side; but if it is not, create your own.

3. "Small hinges move big doors." It is the little things that create success in and out of the Dojo. If the hinges don’t work well, neither will the door.

4. "A sweaty Gi (uniform) looks good on me!" Get to work, you will feel better after you have started your training. You will also have a sense of accomplishment.

5. "If you never climb the mountain, you will never see the view." GET TO WORK! Decide which mountain is worth climbing and begin.

6. "How Does a mouse eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" If you look at a large problem as a whole, it may seem intimidating. But if you break it down into pieces the problem becomes more solvable.

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