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Leading By Example

Traditional Okinawan Karate
Leading By Example

By Christopher Miller 5th Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor of Traditional Okinawan Karate

Leading by Example

One of the hardest things we as parents have to demonstrate is leading by example. We wish the best for our children and want them o succeed in every way. But, as is often said in the Dojo "You don't wish for it, you work for it." This is a tough lesson for parents to hear sometimes, but someone needs to teach it. Children need constant role models of good behavior to contradict the occassional models of bad behavior they may see in their life as early as preschool. My son Brandon came home from preschool dropped something on the floor and said "Doh!" I thought to myself, I never let my son watch the Simpson's TV show. He is only five years old. Where did he learn this?" The answer, much to my chagrin, was in preschool. It was at that moment, I realized he had many other influences other than me. I needed to step up to make sure he had positive influences to counteract the negative.

Fast forward to April, 2018. I gave a parent an "Atta-Boy" for driving their 5 year old to the Dojo. Their trip included a rainstorm and 20 minutes of additional traffic. The parent demonstrated "Fierce Determination" by overcoming obstacles and achieving her goal. I also made sure to point out to the child what a dedicated mon and strong role model she had. What if the mom gave up and was not willing to persevere under a difficult situation? How would that affect the child's decisions in the future when put to a test? Remember, the toughest hood is Parenthood.

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